Attollo Method

The team at Attollo Systems has decades of experience designing and supporting strategically aligned technological solutions for service based companies.  There has been one major key to our success over the years: 


All of the technological know-how in the world is useless if people, groups, and companies are not maintaining regular communication.  Attollo Systems core philosophy revolves around proper communication with clients and as well as our own staff.  Successful relationships build from that one simple key foundational block.

We have developed a strong method for maintaining good communication channels during a company’s onboarding process as well as the entire time we provide support.  Which we hope is for years and years. 

So what is the Attollo Systems Method for evaluating and creating a custom technological solution for your business?  Here are the quick steps:

Attollo Systems method

1. The Initial Meeting.

The initial meeting is where we find out what your pain points are.  It is possible your staff is growing and you need to get more centralized control of your technology.  Maybe you have a pending project on the line and need to get resources in place to support this business initiative. Possibly your current technology provider can no longer meet your needs. Whatever your struggle or desire we drill down to core components during our initial meeting.  At the meetings conclusion we will have a crystal clear picture of what you want and need accomplished.

2. Matrix Evaluation.

After the initial meeting we do a brief evaluation of your current setup.  This allows us to gauge the current environment as it is.  It helps us to provide recommendations to your business that will streamline operations, require less ongoing support and implement a more stable technological infrastructure. 

Feel free to download a copy of the Attollo Systems Matrix Evaluation Form that we use and you can see what we see.

3. Technological Evaluation.

After the initial meeting and network evaluation you will be presented:  The Proposal.  The proposal will include all of the project requirements to meet your needs discovered during the initial meeting.  The proposal will include any re-engineering efforts to the existing environment.  The proposal will include two prices for ongoing support.  One is based on the infrastructure as is, the second price is based on updates and any re-engineering.

4. Ongoing Support.

All of our on-going support packages include the following:

  • 365 24/7 active monitoring of all computer resources
  • Unlimited Remote Support*
  • Ticketing System
  • Customized Service Level Agreement
  • Vendor Management
  • Off-hours scheduled maintenance
  • ZERO Contract lock in term (pre-paid monthly service)
  • ZERO On-boarding costs

*Remote support sessions for standard SLA are normal 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.  This can be designed to meet your business needs

5. Rinse and Repeat.

Depending on the nature of your business you may be rapidly evolving.  At Attollo Systems we can keep up with your rapid change and we will be ready to solve your next project in lock step with you.

Or you are a smaller firm whose technological life cycle is longer. You can rest assured that are technological support specialists are monitoring, maintaining, patching, and providing superior customer service long after the initial phases are complete.

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