Our Methodology

The team at Barker Management Consulting has decades of experience designing and supporting strategically aligned technological solutions for service based companies.  There has been one major key to our success over the years: 


All of the technological know-how in the world is useless if people, groups, and companies are not maintaining regular communication.  Barker Management Consulting core philosophy revolves around proper communication with clients and as well as our own staff.  Successful relationships build from that one simple key foundational block.

So what is the Barker Management Consulting methodology for evaluating and creating a custom technological roadmap for your business?  Here are the quick steps:

STEP 1 : Your business is assigned a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

STEP 2:  Conduct an assessment of the current technology used in your business.

STEP 3:  Create a technology roadmap that identifies weaknesses in both cost and time inefficiencies and recommend corrective solutions.

STEP 4:  Work with you to identify project priorities that will give your business the biggest return on investment (ROI).

STEP 5:  Our team works with vetted, high quality vendors to develop a deployment strategy and manage project implementations.

STEP 6: Manage vendor relationships, ongoing performance monitoring and deployments.

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