Cybersecurity is a complex topic.  Everyday a new story emerges about a large organization that has “lost” data.  Have you considered the impact to your business and reputation if something happened.  Most small to midsize organizations could not survive a massive breach.  The cost would be too high and the public outcry would be loud.

As a small-to-midsize company you probably don’t have enough resources to fight and manage the internal and external threats.  You probably thing prevention is too costly, there are too many tools, you don’t know where to start.

Today is a new day for you.  Attollo Systems, in partnership with OPAQ Networks, is proud to present a streamlined approach to network security from the cloud.  This cutting-edge solution brings your organization secured internet access.  All branch offices and remote workers can be managed from a single dashboard, you can view all devices on the network from a single pane, segmenting your internal network ensures a threat doesn’t spread throughout the entire organization, many tools are consolidated to one.

This solution means you don’t have to manage multiple firewalls per each location.  And with a direct connection to over 200 online platforms, up to 60% of your internet traffic never touches the public web.  Creating a faster internet, saving time and money.

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