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Attollo Systems is proud to support and implement the following vendors when implementing dynamic, exciting and technological boundary pushing technologies for your business

Free Tools

We understand how businesses try to save money thru self-diagnosis.  If you are not quite ready to make the leap to bring us in and handle all of your technological needs, we recommend the following (mostly) free vendor tools to assist in the meantime.

Be aware that as your company grows, your processes mature and you offer higher level of services that some of these solutions will no longer be appropriate.  That is when you need to call us and let us help keep your technology strategically in line with your business requirements and goals.  Let us do what we do, so you can focus your time on running your business. 

In the meantime review the list of vendor tools below.

1. Do you need to verify and validate your domain name? Refer to:

DNSSTUFF by Solarwinds has many free tools for testing and validating your domain name and email setup.

2. Are you having trouble with your email sending and receiving?

MX Toolbox will validate your email settings and verify that your email is not getting blocked by the internet SPAM cops.

3. Do you need a good antivirus solution?


Avira and Avast are free, non-centrally managed antivirus solutions.  Perfect for a company with only a handful of employees.  Reminder you can only have one anti-virus program installed on your computer at one time.

4. Did your computer get infected with a virus?

The free version of Malwarebytes is the best program we have ever seen for cleaning up a computer that has been infected with a virus.  The free version does not run constantly and can be installed with other programs.  *NOTE:  Ransomware/Cryptoware viruses are non-recoverable with any antivirus utility at this time.  Maintaining good back-ups is the only method to combat that specific type.

5. Are you concerned that your internet speed is not what you were promised?


Internet speed for cable or FIOS is best available.  Your speed will fluctuate based on the usage by other companies and homes in the area on the same node.  We would recommend you try at least two different speed tests at different times of the day.  The contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and relay any data and concerns you have.

Your physical placement on the ISP network and fluctuations in temperatures can affect signal strength and impact your speed.

For businesses with a minimum of 8-10 people in a location, we recommend that you investigate business class internet service.  This level of service will cost more, but the response time and the support is significantly better than a standard residential package.

6. For general troubleshooting questions for any nature? *Not Free

The majority of all technical issues are not brand new.  The Expert Exchange forum has the answers to almost any question.  If you cannot find the solution, you can post your own question.  It costs to be a member, but you have the knowledge of seasoned technicians at your fingertips.

7. Do you need a secure, cloud storage backup solution? allows 2GB of free, secure online storage.  Recommending friends gives you more storage space.

Other services that store files in the cloud are: Sugar Sync, Google Drive, Drop Box, Microsoft One Drive.  Encryption of your files can be limited with those services

Our Office 365 options for you company come with Microsoft One Drive and are all password protected including two-step verification.

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